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Basic information:





  • CONTACT PERSON: (if different from owner)      

  • POSITION: (if different from owner)      


  • EMAIL: 


  • TYPE OF BUSINESS:  Salon or Spa or Nail Studio or Clinical Aesthetic Clinic     


  • Is the owner a SAAHSP Member? 


A.  Reception Area:


  • Reception Station  

  • Treatment menu on display/Price list  

  • Appointment Book/computerised booking system  

  • Cash register/cash box /computer  

  • No cell phone notice and no smoking   

  • Product display area  

  • Appropriate retail area  

  • Card facilities/EFT (Optional)  

  • Detailed client list / Consultation cards  

  • Client Cards/or personal confidential info is safely stored   

  • Emergency Contact list of nearest dr and emergency room  




B. Client Area:


  • Private, able to consult in confidence  

  • (use treatment room if reception not sufficient.) 

  • Comfortable seating  

  • Consultation cards completed  

  • Indemnity form complete  

  • Refreshments offered  


C. Restrooms


  • Hygienic and accessible / Cleaning roster displayed  

  • Liquid hand soap and hand cream  (Hand cream optional)  

  • Sufficient ventilation  

  • Dustbin with lid/sanitising bin for sanitary towels  

  • Disposable Towels/paper towels/individual towelettes  


D.  Kitchen/Staff Area


  • Storage for Toweling and products (if not in treatment room)   

  • Staff Rest area or coffee area   

  • Stock take procedures are implemented   

  • First Aid kit in salon  

  • Appropriate Legal signage such as Health and safety, BCE,etc  


E.  Treatments:


The following treatments must be part of the treatment menu:


1. Facial Treatments


  • Skin analysis performed with every treatment  

  • Deep cleanse perfomed (when required)  

  • Facial sponges / compess used  

  • New set of sponges used for each client? (if not, how sterilized)  

  • Professional product range used: (at least two)  




2.  Waxing - Strip & Hot


  • Hot and strip wax used . Hot/cold wax used  

  • Not recycled/strained  

  • Gloves and or lancets used (if yes to above proceed to next question)  

  • Sharps container used  

  • 2 Heads sets of roller heads (properly cleaned between clients) optional  

  • Professional product range used:   Details:


3.  Make-up 


  • Performed for various occasion e.g. Bridal  

  • 2 Sets of brushes used between clients   

  • Bruches properly cleaned between clients  

  • Professional product range used:   Details

  • How is it cleaned





4.  Manicure & Pedicure


  • Variety of treatments offered  

  • Disposable bath inners used optional  

  • Explain how implements cleaned

  • Professional product range used: 



5.  Body treatments


  • Body massage available  

  • Body treaments available (not Massage):  Please specify:

  • Professional product range used     


6.  Electrical Equipment


  • Minimum requirement 

  • Facial steamer  

  • Magnifying lamp  


Optional:Facial Treatments & Body Treatments


  • Galvanic units  

  • High Frequency  

  • Epilation  

  • Faradic Units  

  • Microcurrent   

  • IPL/Laser   

  • Microdermabrasion   

  • Other equipment       


7.  Adv. Skin Care Treatments/Clinical Aesthetic treatments


  • Skin Peeling - Product range      

  • Strength of peeling      

  • Is Medical Supervision required? If yes please answer the following     

Dr Name      

Dr Telephone number   


  • Botox/Fillers  

Dr Name      

Dr Telephone number  



  • Is Medical Supervision req? If yes please answer the following 

Dr Name      

Dr Telephone number      


8.  Spa Treatments facilities


  • Vichey Shower Hydro Tub Swiss Shower 

  • Floatation Rasul Sentional Shower 

  • Steam Shower Sauna Indoor Pool 

  • Steam Shower Hydrotherapy Bath Outdoor pool 

  • Other Spa Facilities not previously mentioned     

  • Describe the appropriate Hygiene procedures implemented    


F.  Treatment Rooms


  • Good lighting and ventilation   

  • Hot and cold running water easily accessible   

  • Waxing room not carpeted.   

  • Floors washable?   

  • Ambiance / Atmosphere / Music   

  • Adequate heating and cooling when required  

  • No trailing wires

  • Time displayed


G. Hygiene


  • Products used      

  • Describe procedure of equipment sanitisation:     


H. Staff


  • Appropriate uniform (appreance, nails, make-up etc)  

  • Professional conduct  

  • Owner and Staff Qualifications (CV with relevant certificates, references and proof of trainng included) 

  • Pleases ensure that therapists are qualified in all treatment offered at clinic/salon must have record file 

  • Staff training program/Skills development plan implemented  

  • Management practices effectively implemented  


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