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SAAHSP the Professional Body is extremely proud to announce that we have joined forces with Skillzbook, an online Repository platform. We have identified the need for our organisation to go GREEN and allow students with the technology of today to access information online.

Skillzbook offers the following:

  • Building your CV

  • Document repository

  • SAAHSP Exam Questions and Answers

  • SAAHSP Assessment Guidelines

  • Practical Consultation Cards

  • SAAHSP Hygiene and Sterilization booklet 


All newly registered SAAHSP students have been registered as users onto the Skillzbook portal. They are also required to complete 10 CPD points, to get them familiar with the CPD portal once they have completed their studies and become designated members.

Skillzbook CPD offered:

  • CPD Planning – including your CV generator

  • Events – all events offered by SAAHSP

  • Reading and Blogging


Each student will be registered with their email address provided to SAAHSP on the database.

Your login details as follows;

Email address e.g.

Password: skillzbook

Once activated you can change the password to a unique identifier to yourself.

For more information please visit or contact

Yolanda Kommer - Professional Body Administrator / 011 6756518


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