10:00am   Marelize Earle - 2002 Mrs Universe - Congress Opening

10:15am   Andre Burger - Understanding Sunscreen

10:35am   Aamena Nathie - Goal Setting - practical steps to setting and         

                                                keeping your business and personal goals

10:55am   Karin De Witt - Accounting / Finances & budgets 

11:15am   Taryn Lilley - Mentorship 

11:35am   Stuart Russell - An overview of the miraculous HOCl molecule 

13:15pm   Tatjana Mihajlov Pilbeam - Your Favorite Salon in Your Pocket

13:35pm   Dr Navlin Naidoo - Skin Barier and Inflammation

13:55pm   Mrs Anna-Cari Gund - Global educational standards

14:15pm   Dr. Gys du Plessis - Energized cells...Radiant beauty

14:35pm   Ana Engelbrecht - Key Ingredients to Treat Pigmentation

14:55pm   Monique Joubert - Insurance for the Health, Wellbeing,                

                                                   Fitness and Beauty Industry & Professionals

15:15pm   Dr. Tamara Pheiffer - Biohacking youth and Longevity - Medically                                                          proven secrets revealed that u implement                                                            today


10:00am   Robyn Zinman - Satisfaction vs. Loyalty

10:15am   Dr Tamara Pheiffer - How to hack your diet to stop wrinkles in                                                             their tracks

10:35am   Dr Alek Nikolic - New Advancements in Active Skincare

10:55am   Christine Lambrechts - Oncology Massage

11:15am   Joanne Haywood - Treating Skin From the Inside Out 

11:35am   Helena van der Vyver - Best Business Growth Tips

13:15pm   Dr Marli Groenewald - Managing clients during & after cancer

13:35pm   Amy Price - Radio Frequency & Pulse Magnetic Fields

13:55pm   Gary Price - Incorporating Technologies

14:15pm   Leverne King - A therapists review of cases

14:35pm   Amy Price - New Generation Diode Hair Removal

14:55pm   Dr Wynand Goosen - SkillzBook and CPD

15:15pm   Aamena Nathie - Mind Set - How to train your business brain for                                                  positivity and growth

Saturday, 4 August 2018
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Sunday, 5 August 2018
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